Homebrewing Journals

Brewing journals are a way to make notes while brewing a particular recipe. This is a complement to the normal recipe creating/editing. You can take notes throughout the brewing, fermenting, bottling and tasting. When you finish your journal for a particular beer you can give a final review and taste notes.

Completed Journals

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Hard Apple Cider'

Completed on Nov 13, 2011  

It was easy and cheap to make but still tasty. I will likely make this again. I'd like to try some other yeasts. I've heard using an ale yeast will make it come out a little sweeter.

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Oh Honey Brown Ale'

Completed on Oct 24, 2011  

An easy beer to make and pretty tasty. Honey is a little expensive so I probably won't make this very often but I would make it again. Ended up on the lighter side of a brown. If I made it again I might try some darker malts.

manfre Avatar manfre brewed 'Bieken'

Completed on Dec 23, 2011  

This was a simple recipe that produced a strong, aromatic, flavorful beer. The orange peel is undetectable, but I'm not sure that is a bad thing. The honey I used from my hive is a very flavor rich wild flower. Orange blossom honey has hints of citrus, but I don't ...

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Roasted Imperial Pumpkin Ale'

Completed on Oct 16, 2011  

Not everything went right when making this beer but it still came out as a solid beer. It's darker than your typical pumpkin. I'll most likely make this again next fall. I might try some different ways to filter out the pumpkin fiber. Maybe longer in the primary would let ...

manfre Avatar manfre brewed 'American Amber Pumpkin Ale'

Completed on Nov 13, 2011  

The batch is contaminated and destined for the drain as soon as I can bring myself to do so. The local brew store employee was kind enough to sample one of the bottles and thinks that it has a rubbery taste that is most likely from the sanitizer.

Every step ...

Hollis Avatar Hollis brewed 'Sweet Chocolate Porter'

Completed on Oct 19, 2011  

This is good, and I'm hoping that a bunch of time in the bottle will help smooth things out. Not necessarily something I'd do again, but I'd like to try something similar.

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'We'll Call It a Kolsch'

Completed on Sep 11, 2011  

This was a completely over simplified Kolsch recipe. I didn't do any cold conditioning and used some leftover hops instead of more traditional ones. I don't normally drink a lot of Kolsch beers but still it made a tasty beer.

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Dark and Stormy Ale'

Completed on Aug 14, 2011  

As a beer that was meant to taste like a Dark and Stormy this was a complete failure. But as a light, refreshing and easy to drink beer for summer I think it worked. The reviews from the family ranged from "not bad" to "good". Overall nothing to get too ...

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Hoppy Birthday Kennedy'

Completed on Jun 30, 2011  

Our beautiful daughter was finally born on June 28th. That means this beer sat in the bottles and extra 4 weeks. It isn't the most amazing beer I've ever tasted but it will always hold a special place in my heart.