Homebrewing Journals

Brewing journals are a way to make notes while brewing a particular recipe. This is a complement to the normal recipe creating/editing. You can take notes throughout the brewing, fermenting, bottling and tasting. When you finish your journal for a particular beer you can give a final review and taste notes.

Completed Journals

Not bad, but not award-winning. Tastes like a much lighter ale on the front end, but after about 5 seconds or so the darker flavors creep up. IMHO this recipe would be great with some honey or molases or something to load the front end a little more.

Muddy Avatar Muddy brewed 'The Red Eyed Mule'

Completed on Aug 07, 2012  

It's done. Brew as an ale next time?

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Classic ESB'

Completed on Mar 05, 2012  

This was my first all grain batch and I think it turned out great. I only got 4 gallons so that was a little disappointing even more so because the beer is delicious. Not a particularly strong, hoppy or malty beer but just a nice beer. Great clarity and I'm ...

Muddy Avatar Muddy brewed 'Maibock'

Completed on Aug 07, 2012  

Kegged late. August 5. Be more timely next time. Might be past prime already.

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Single Hop Amarillo IPA'

Completed on Jan 29, 2012  

For such a dead simple recipe this beer turned out really great. It's not really as hoppy as I normally like in an IPA. It's more like a pale ale. I think the extra week in the primary helped a lot with the clarity.

manfre Avatar manfre brewed 'Irish Red Ale'

Completed on Jan 26, 2012  

This recipe yielded a solid red. Nothing fancy or unique about it, just a very good beer.

mdlavin Avatar mdlavin brewed 'Amber'

Completed on Dec 03, 2011  

I don't remember this beer

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Chocolate Peppermint Stout'

Completed on Dec 15, 2011  

This turned out really nice this year. The peppermint last year was a little overwhelming at times but this has much better balance. Shared with family, friends and co-workers all with positive comments. This is becoming one of my favorite beers to make.

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Holiday Cranberry Lambic'

Completed on Dec 04, 2011  

This was my first real attempt at a fruit beer. I wasn't really going for something sweet and fruity so I'm a little disappointed in how this came out. It's not bad but it's not what I wanted. I was hoping that the more of the tart character of the ...

Great beer. Very popular. High alcohol but not obvious. Will jack you up and quickly!