Homebrewing Journals

Brewing journals are a way to make notes while brewing a particular recipe. This is a complement to the normal recipe creating/editing. You can take notes throughout the brewing, fermenting, bottling and tasting. When you finish your journal for a particular beer you can give a final review and taste notes.

Completed Journals

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'End of Summer IPA'

Completed on Sep 16, 2012  

I set out to make a simple and drinkable IPA and I think I nailed it. My older brother thought it tasted a little hot but I don't think so. I has a nice amber color and a crisp hop taste. I've made quite a few IPAs and I think ...

Muddy Avatar Muddy brewed 'Easy Way (Belgian) IPA v2.0'

Completed on Oct 20, 2012  

Hops a bit assertive, needs more sweetness backbone for this level of hops.

I love this mead and it's been a hit with everyone who's tried it. Most people have never had a mead so they aren't sure what to think of it. It took a long time to make but it was worth it. If I make it again I might try ...

Very nice but with much less of a raspberry flavor than I would have liked. next time I'll add the raspberries during secondary fermentation.

manfre Avatar manfre brewed 'Hefeweizen'

Completed on Jul 14, 2012  

This was an easy recipe that produced a great hefeweizen in a relatively short time. I will brew this again.

mdlavin Avatar mdlavin brewed 'Farmhouse IPA'

Completed on Jul 28, 2012  


mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Beer for Breakfast Stout'

Completed on Jun 10, 2012  

This beer is great. I'm a huge fan of coffee stouts and this one did not let me down. Fairly easy to make and delicious. There were no coffee grounds or graininess which I've noticed in some other coffee homebrews. It's a little under carbonated but otherwise I don't think ...

Turned out pretty nice. Required an extra week in the bottles before the flavor was right - i was disappointed in my cherry flavor at first but now i definitely recommend it, but only with the proper aging.

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Spring Dunkelweizen'

Completed on May 20, 2012  

Not my favorite beer but it's not bad. I've never been much of a fan of German beers to start with. To me there just isn't much that is special about it. Between that and breaking my air lock and hydrometer in the same batch just put me in a ...

Muddy Avatar Muddy brewed 'Easy Way IPA'

Completed on Aug 07, 2012  

Good recipe. Needs no changes. Perhaps filter next time into keg to eliminate hops particles and yeast in keg.