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Recipe: Olliebrown / Belgian Extra Dubbel Partial Mash (revision #2)

  • Started Brewing: Oct 12, 2013
  • Original Gravity: 1.113
  • Primary Fermentation Complete (Estimated): Oct 26, 2013
  • Secondary Fermentation Complete (Estimated): Nov 23, 2013
  • Ready to Drink (Estimated): Dec 07, 2013
  • Pre Boil Wort Size: 4.50 gallon
  • Post Boil Wort Size: 4.00 gallon
  • Final Batch Size: 5.00 gallon

Notes From Oct. 12, 2013 (Brewing)

Gravity Reading: 1.113

No idea what that OG is about! Maybe its just a fluke, there was a lot of sediment floating about still so I just don't trust it. Still trying to figure out how to get a good gravity reading after the boil.

Notes From Oct. 26, 2013 (Moving to Secondary)

Gravity Reading: 1.015

Wow that's efficient! If the original gravity is to be believed then this will be crazy strong (fine by me). the aroma is wonderful, hits of chocolate and fruitiness. Very complex and bright flavor for now. Hopefully it settles down in the coming month.