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Recipe: MindenMan / Minden Man (revision #1)

  • Started Brewing: Apr 18, 2013
  • Original Gravity: 1.040
  • Primary Fermentation Complete (Estimated): May 09, 2013
  • Secondary Fermentation Complete (Estimated): May 23, 2013
  • Ready to Drink (Estimated): Jun 13, 2013
  • Pre Boil Wort Size: 7.50 gallon
  • Post Boil Wort Size: 4.50 gallon
  • Final Batch Size: 4.00 gallon

Notes From April 18, 2013 (Brewing)

Gravity Reading: 1.040

Today is 10/21/2013, and I had almost forgotten I brewed this Ale. As it states, I wanted to empty the grain bin, and to brew with what I had on hand. I started to research what classic styles could be brewed with what I had. Dark English Mild was the answer. This was definitely a session ale. I had not made one up to that point . It turned out well, and it was very flavorful.
As you can see, this blog is very after the fact. I am glad I found this site, and I hope whoever reads my blogs get an idea they maybe hadn't had before