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Recipe: AndrewValles / Brigade Piron #003 (revision #2)

  • Started Brewing: Apr 21, 2013
  • Original Gravity: 1.059
  • Primary Fermentation Complete (Estimated): May 01, 2013
  • Secondary Fermentation Complete (Estimated): May 14, 2013
  • Ready to Drink (Estimated): Jun 20, 2013
  • Pre Boil Wort Size: 7.50 gallon
  • Post Boil Wort Size: 5.25 gallon

Notes From April 19, 2013 (Other)

Gravity Reading: 0.000

-Smacked pack on Thursday, 18 April AM (Before work).
-Pack swelled enough to brew but I did not have time.
-Created a starter with flask.
-Boil over on wort creation (I need to use a pot for the starter boil and transfer to the flask).
-Flask cracked in the ice bath.
-Sanitized a brown growler and dumped the starter into there and pitched the yeast. Shook and placed sanitized foil on top.
-Swirled 2-3 times before leaving town on Saturday.
-Returned Sunday evening to a nicely fermenting starter.

Notes From April 21, 2013 (Brewing)

Gravity Reading: 1.059

-Skimmed "sludge" off the top.
-I may have been too low on mash temp (right at 150)
-Not fine enough on grain bed.

Notes From April 30, 2013 (Moving to Secondary)

Gravity Reading: [Not given]

Transferred to secondary on top of hops.

Notes From May 16, 2013 (Bottling/Kegging)

Gravity Reading: 1.006

Used 4.13 oz cane sugar in 1 cup boiling water to bottle 5 gallons to get 2.2 vol CO2. Taste was perfect. Cannot wait to taste carbonation. Bottled 52 bottles. 7% abv. 4 SRM.