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Recipe: BrewedByUs / Belgian Lambic Partial Mash Template (revision #2)

  • Started Brewing: Jun 06, 2012
  • Original Gravity: 1.068
  • Finished Brewing: Jul 18, 2012
  • Final Gravity: [Not given]
  • Alcohol by Volume: 0%
  • Would Make Again?: Yes  

Final Review

Very nice but with much less of a raspberry flavor than I would have liked. next time I'll add the raspberries during secondary fermentation.

Notes From June 6, 2012 (Brewing)

Gravity Reading: 1.068

I only made a 2 gallon batch, so all the ingredients were scaled back accordingly. I used all liquid malt instead of half liquid/ half dry, and added a dash of irish moss to the boil @60 min. I also threw in 1lbs of frozen raspberries into the primary while the wort was cooling

Notes From June 13, 2012 (Moving to Secondary)

Gravity Reading: [Not given]

I removed the raspberries, because they had turned beige, and the aroma is exactly what i'm going for. While transferring the beer, i couldnt help but notice how active the fermentation is - working with hungry hungry hippo yeast here. I didnt check the gravity cause i'm lazy.

Notes From June 27, 2012 (Bottling/Kegging)

Gravity Reading: [Not given]

Everything looking good. I dont think my hydrometer readings are accurate so i'm going to stop including them