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Recipe: mlavin / Beer for Breakfast Stout (revision #3)

  • Started Brewing: Apr 28, 2012
  • Original Gravity: 1.062
  • Finished Brewing: Jun 10, 2012
  • Final Gravity: [Not given]
  • Alcohol by Volume: [Not given]%
  • Would Make Again?: Yes  

Final Review

This beer is great. I'm a huge fan of coffee stouts and this one did not let me down. Fairly easy to make and delicious. There were no coffee grounds or graininess which I've noticed in some other coffee homebrews. It's a little under carbonated but otherwise I don't think I would change a thing. I will most certainly make this beer again.

Taste Notes

The taste of coffee is noticeable right away. It's rich and bitter. Afterwards there is a hint of sweetness. Again it is a little flat.

Notes From April 28, 2012 (Brewing)

Gravity Reading: 1.062

Fairly smooth brewday. I initially forgot to add the lactose at the beginning of the boil but I added ~5-10 mins later. Finally batch came out over 5 gallons, probably around 5.5 gallons. Gravity reading was a little low which is partially accounted for in the volume difference.

Notes From May 6, 2012 (Moving to Secondary)

Gravity Reading: [Not given]

Prepared the coffee last night and let it sit in the fridge over night. 3 cups (24 fl. oz.) fit quite nicely in my french press. I used a Kona blend which is a milder blend. It smelled great and I was able to get it in with minimal coffee grounds. I haven't replaced my hydrometer yet so I didn't get a reading. Left a good bit of trub in the primary but it was still over the 5 gallon line in the secondary.

Notes From May 20, 2012 (Bottling/Kegging)

Gravity Reading: [Not given]

Still no hydrometer so no gravity reading. Bottling when really smoothly. There was very little trub left and it was just over 5 gallons with little to no waste. The smell of coffee was unmistakable. The taste was sweeter than I expected. I'm really looking forward to this beer.