Homebrewing Journals

Brewing journals are a way to make notes while brewing a particular recipe. This is a complement to the normal recipe creating/editing. You can take notes throughout the brewing, fermenting, bottling and tasting. When you finish your journal for a particular beer you can give a final review and taste notes.

Completed Journals

yourfriendtyler Avatar yourfriendtyler brewed 'Juicy Fruit IPA'

Completed on Feb 20, 2017  

Thumbs up

apeller Avatar apeller brewed 'Oatmeal IPA'

Completed on Dec 22, 2015  

Nice, very drinkable beer. It has quite a bit of bitterness, but not much hop character. It might do with a bit less hops at the beginning, and a dry hopping.

apeller Avatar apeller brewed 'Saison'

Completed on Sep 25, 2015  

Not bad. A little sharp tasting and not enough hop flavour.

apeller Avatar apeller brewed 'Orange Cream Wheat'

Completed on Aug 06, 2015  

It's a pretty good wheat beer, but doesn't really live up to the Orange Cream part.

apeller Avatar apeller brewed 'Chocolate Coffee Stout'

Completed on Jun 24, 2015  

Good, but perhaps a little too bitter. It could do with a bit more sweetness, and some stronger malt.

apeller Avatar apeller brewed 'Saison'

Completed on May 14, 2015  

Really, really nice easy drinking beer.

Molasses is cool, but I don't like working with it.

This was a fucking killer beer. This might be the best IPA ever.

Now, having said that, I think that the calypso that I got is not for dry hopping. It's great for bittering hop, but not for dry.

Terrible brew day and a small batch but it was as good as always. They went very fast.

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'Ginger Mead'

Completed on Jul 10, 2015  

Not quite as gingery as I wanted but it was good. Still pretty dry. If I was going to make this again (or any mead really) I might try a different yeast.

yourfriendtyler Avatar yourfriendtyler brewed 'Session IPA #1'

Completed on Jul 20, 2014  

Dry Hop Doobie a success.
Next time we Doobie, we need to take daily or weekly tasting notes to determine where we want the doobie to be consumed.
At one point, Sarah noted "It tastes nutty like Walnuts," which I interpreted to mean that the Grapefruit notes had slipped into ...

mdlavin Avatar mdlavin brewed 'Farmhouse IPA'

Completed on May 12, 2014  

The beer turned out to be a little more belgian and a little less hoppy than I wanted, but still quite good.

mlavin Avatar mlavin brewed 'End of Summer IPA'

Completed on Nov 08, 2014  

The first few bottles weren't very good but it got better after a few weeks. Next time need to let this sit a little longer.

mdlavin Avatar mdlavin brewed 'Hefeweizen'

Completed on Sep 28, 2013  

I don't remember this beer

mdlavin Avatar mdlavin brewed 'Farmhouse IPA'

Completed on Jun 29, 2013  

I don't remember the details, but I brewed it again.

Muddy Avatar Muddy brewed 'True Brew Irish Stout'

Completed on Apr 22, 2013  

Not a good recipe kit. Try the Brewer's Best version instead, perhaps. The Munton's yeast did not fully ferment so I had to top off with Safale S-04 to finish it off. The beer is rather thin with little roast flavor and is heavily over-carbed. I don't ...

manfre Avatar manfre brewed 'Honey Irish Red Ale'

Completed on Mar 20, 2013  

This recipe was easy to brew and came out well. Next time I'd probably use less honey because it's a little sweeter than I'd like for an Irish Red. Definitely a good beer and I'll use this as a base for future experimentation.