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The Need for Mead

Recently we added cider and perry styles and continuing on that trend we've added mead styles. You might have heard of mead if you read Beowulf but you might not have ever tried it. If you don't know mead is a honey wine. Often it is made with fruit and it can be made with spices as well. Some meads are sweet and some are dry. They can range in alcohol from your typical beer to a wine.

You don't need to be a hero of the Geats to make or enjoy mead. If you have the ...

Cider and Perry Styles

Brewing beer is fun and delicious but sometimes you just need a change of pace. Making cider takes much of the same equipment as making beer. It some ways it is easier and can be just as delicious. We know some of you already love to make cider so we are here to help you share those great recipes and track your cider making.

Previously you could not add these recipes to the site because there were no appropriate styles to choose for your recipe. We've now added cider and perry styles for you to choose from and use ...

Beer Style Updates

We've made some updates to our beer styles section to help make it easier to find a great style for your next homebrew. Here's an overview of the changes.

  • Name filtering: You can filter down the styles by name. So if you've heard about a Gose but you aren't sure what it is you can find it faster. Since many of the styles are prefixed with their country of origin (such as German-Style Doppelbock), we've made it smart enough to include this beer in both the 'G' and 'D' filters.
  • Keyword search: Similar to the ...