Printable Recipes and Improved IBU Estimations

We've rolled out a few improvements to the site lately. First we've added a new option to our homebrew recipes to show a better printable version. Besides slimming down the content for easier printing, it also contains a QR code which you can use to get back to the web version of the recipe. Use it to share the recipes with friends or to make it easier to see the recipe on your brew day.

We also improved our IBU estimations. Previously we were using a method similar to the one created by Jackie Rager for estimating IBUs. We've heard some concerns that it doesn't estimate well for full boils so we decided to make the switch to Glenn Tinseth's method. We've also adjusted our calculation to handle mash and first wort hop additions. These changes are reflected in the stand alone IBU calculator and in the create/edit recipe form. You may see a big change in your homebrew IBU estimations but don't worry it's all for the best. If you see something that looks like an error let us know. We're always looking to improve our estimates.

Let us know what you think about the changes. Happy homebrewing!

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