The Little Server That Will

Saturday, I attended the research hop yard in Raleigh, NC and had the opportunity to take in a wealth of information about growing hops and meet many homebrewers. A stack of business cards were left by the sign in sheets and almost all of them were taken. Sure enough, our little server that could started to stumble later that evening. There was a period of about 30 minutes when our monitoring services were sporadically seeing the site as down.

This is good news and bad news. It means that my efforts to promote the site were successful. The bad news is that I was apparently a little too successful. I hope that the slow page load times and occasional server timeouts didn't discourage any potential users.

To help with the growing pains, a fair amount of time was spent last night and today working to improve the site's overall performance. The primary pages that new users load (homepage, recipes, and journals) were given the most attention and should feel a bit snappier. We'll continue to devote time to keep the site's performance ahead of the traffic curve and begin to plan for a larger server that can handle the growing traffic spikes.

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