Introducing Recipe Templates

One of the things that we think is special about our site is the idea of the recipe adaptation. You see a recipe you like but you want to make a small change. Or you have your own recipe which you love but you want to experiment with it while keeping the original in tact. Or you see a great all-grain recipe but you want to make it into an extract version. Using an adaptation makes it easy to start new recipes because you don't have to start from scratch every time.

You may have noticed we've been busy adding recipes over the past few days. These recipes are meant to be base recipes for some of the various beer styles on the site. So far we've added either an extract or partial mash version and an all grain version for some of the most common American styles:

How easy is it to create an adaptation? First either create an account or login. Then find a recipe you like and check out the recipe options:

Click 'Adapt this Recipe' and it will take you to a nice page like this:

Simply say 'yes' and...

you now have your own copy of the recipe which you are free to change as you like.

We aren't going to stop here. We'll be adding Belgian style templates next and we'll be constantly working on improving the existing templates. If you have suggestions then let us know or just make an adaptation to show your change. Remember that you aren't limited to adapting these recipes. Any recipe can be your template. Enjoy!

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