Can you smell the crisp air coming?

Well, not really as it's been a million degrees across most of the US, but I have hope that a reprieve is coming soon. Which brings me to my point: we're at the end of summer. Football is back, kids are heading to school, and sweatshirt weather is upon us. Fall is just around the corner and its arrival brings not only a change in the leaves, but also a transition period from the light beers of summer to the heavier beers of winter.

In the BrewedByUs household, we (specifically I, Beth) get excited about one beer ingredient in particular: pumpkin. Nothing says fall like a spiced pumpkin beer. It's my favorite thing about fall and I look forward to it all year. Luckily, Mark is a very accommodating homebrewer/husband who is planning a delicious Roasted Imperial Pumpkin Ale for this season.

Do you all have any beers that make you excited for fall? Pumpkin Ales? Oktoberfests? Harvest Ales? We plan to do a follow-up post highlighting the most interesting fall recipes so we'd love to see your favorites!

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