Beer Style Updates

We've made some updates to our beer styles section to help make it easier to find a great style for your next homebrew. Here's an overview of the changes.

  • Name filtering: You can filter down the styles by name. So if you've heard about a Gose but you aren't sure what it is you can find it faster. Since many of the styles are prefixed with their country of origin (such as German-Style Doppelbock), we've made it smart enough to include this beer in both the 'G' and 'D' filters.
  • Keyword search: Similar to the recipe listings you can now search styles by keyword. It will also show you matches as you type so if you see the one you want you can just jump right to it.

We hope these changes make it easier to learn about various beer styles and help you find a great style to try for your next brew. Just like our brewing we're constantly looking for places to improve. Drop us a line if you have an idea for an improvement.

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