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New Belgian Templates

We are continuing our work creating base templates for some of the various beer styles on the site. We've recently added templates for some of the most common Belgian styles:

These templates provide a starting place if you want to create your own recipe in one of these styles. But there is nothing wrong with brewing the recipes as is. We're looking forward to seeing where people go with these styles. Happy brewing!

Beer Style Updates

We've made some updates to our beer styles section to help make it easier to find a great style for your next homebrew. Here's an overview of the changes.

  • Name filtering: You can filter down the styles by name. So if you've heard about a Gose but you aren't sure what it is you can find it faster. Since many of the styles are prefixed with their country of origin (such as German-Style Doppelbock), we've made it smart enough to include this beer in both the 'G' and 'D' filters.
  • Keyword search: Similar to the ...

Can you smell the crisp air coming?

Well, not really as it's been a million degrees across most of the US, but I have hope that a reprieve is coming soon. Which brings me to my point: we're at the end of summer. Football is back, kids are heading to school, and sweatshirt weather is upon us. Fall is just around the corner and its arrival brings not only a change in the leaves, but also a transition period from the light beers of summer to the heavier beers of winter.

In the BrewedByUs household, we (specifically I, Beth) get excited about one beer ingredient ...

Introducing Recipe Templates

One of the things that we think is special about our site is the idea of the recipe adaptation. You see a recipe you like but you want to make a small change. Or you have your own recipe which you love but you want to experiment with it while keeping the original in tact. Or you see a great all-grain recipe but you want to make it into an extract version. Using an adaptation makes it easy to start new recipes because you don't have to start from scratch every time.

You may have noticed we've been ...

New Community Blogs

The community page is our place to highlight homebrewing and homebrewers outside of Brewed By Us. We're happy to announce there are there are some new additions to the blog feed.

Tip of the hat to Noble Square Brewing for his post What Brew Blogs Do You Follow?. We are always looking new brew bloggers to add to our feed. If you want us to add your blog or know of a blog we missed please let us know by sending us an email ...