Posts From December 2011

Screencast Tutorial on Homebrew Journals

Following up on my earlier tutorial on recipe adaptations, I've posted another screencast on using the homebrewing journals. The brewing journals have always been one of our favorite parts of the site. Having great recipes is a good start but we've found taking notes while brewing is very important. This tutorial should help explain how you can use the homebrewing journals to improve beers and help others find great beers on the site. You can find the journal from the video here: mlavin's Single Hop Amarillo IPA.

We hope that you find these tutorials helpful and we ...

Screencast Tutorial on Homebrew Adaptions

We've talked before about the recipe templates on the site. They are a quick and easy way to get started making your own homebrew recipes. Below is the first in what will be a series of screencasts to help people learn about using the site. In less than five minutes we create a recipe for a delicious India Pale Ale using Amarillo hops. You can find the finished recipe here: Single Hop Amarillo IPA. If you haven't tried it out you should watch the video and see how easy it can be.

I'll be brewing this recipe ...

Welcome Michael Manfre

This post is a little late coming but I wanted to write to welcome Michael Manfre as a partner and developer. Mike is a fellow brewer and web developer in the Triangle area. You may have seen him posting about the site on Google Plus. It was a conversation with him over lunch that really got the ball rolling on starting the site. We are excited to have both his brewing knowledge and development skills to help improve the site. Cheers to Manfre!